Service and Training Program

Varec's maintenance program provides service for your gauges and training for your employees. A Varec certified field service engineer with over 15 years of experience visits your site to conduct all service work and training. This program is ideally suited to be conducted in line with an API653 tank overhaul.

Gauge Needs Repair

Simply Reliable

Float and tape tank gauging systems have been the primary measurement technology in the oil and gas industry for decades. Many operate in harsh environments and see little care or regular maintenance. Our program aims to improve the operations of your business by restoring your Varec tank gauges to their original level of quality and performance.

Improve Gauge Performance

Our service engineer will conduct a site survey and provide a detailed plan of action. From there you have two choices, either have the engineer perform the service work or train your staff to do the work. If the service work is performed by a Varec engineer, we guarantee:

  • Two (2) years on parts & labor
  • Overall Gauge Accuracy ±½” (Combined ±¼”repeatability with ±¼” accuracy)
  • Only genuine Varec spare parts will be used
  • No required minimum number of tanks
  • Documented service records (per tank) of all work performed

  • * Program covers only the gaugehead components. It does not include conduit piping, tape, motor, guidewires, transmitter, accessories or fittings

    2500 Maintenance

    Empower Your Employees

    Alternatively, let your staff learn the correct assembly and maintenance techniques for Varec tank gauges and gaugeboards from a Varec engineer. They will learn how to:

  • Align all parts to prevent tape breakage
  • Eliminate gauge hang-ups
  • Which parts should be lubricated and which lubricant to use to keep the gauge running smoothly
  • How to identify and correct bad applications to improve the performance
  • How to repair the gauge in half the time with better results
  • When to maintain the gauge and which spare parts you need to prevent problems occurring
  • What procedures to follow when overhauling your mechanical gauge during an API 653 tank inspection
  • How to optimize the installation, configuration and maintenance of your Varec tank gauge transmitter
  • Other Technicians Have Said...

    “I can’t believe for over twenty years I have been doing the repairs all wrong. I wish we would have had this class twenty years ago.”

    “Everything my retired technician taught me was wrong! Now I understand why we have had these problems over the years!”

    “Before this class I thought I knew the Varec 2500 gauge like the back of my hand, but I learned several techniques that will make repairs easier and safer.”

    "This program is ideally suited to be conducted in line with an API653 tank overhaul."

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