8650 Operator Interface

The 8650 Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) is a panel mounted touch screen display for tank gauging applications.

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8650 OIT

Touch screen with two display sizes and resolutions ‐ easy to read in bright, sunlight conditions


Available in panel‐mount enclosure suitable for rugged environments


Combines with the 8300 TGI or 8130 RTU for a simple data display and control solution

Built‐in speaker allows programming of audible alarms and alerts

Meets API and is ATEX approved

Less On-tank Activities

The 8650 Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) allows you to display liquid inventory data in areas away from the main control room, such as a remote pumphouse. Users can quickly and easily review the contents of up to 10 connected tanks without going into the tank farm.

Extend Your Existing Equipment

Acting as a MODBUS master, the 8650 OIT polls data from any connected MODBUS slave device, such as an 8130 RTU or 8300 TGI, to receive tank data.

Configuration and Programming

Each 8650 OIT must be configured for the specific application. All programming and configuration is performed by Varec’s engineering services.

Interface Devices

Technical Specifications

Input Primary input 9‐pin serial port EIA‐232 - Software‐selectable
Optional input 9‐pin serial port EIA‐232/422/485 - Software‐selectable
One 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port.
Two 2.0 USB ports (for mice, keyboards and memory devices)
Display 7" (177 mm) diagonal WVGA 800 × 480 pixels
12.1" (307 mm) WVGA 800 × 600
Approvals NEMA 4, CE, & UL certified

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