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6700 Liquid Level Indicator - Float and Tape gaugeboard indicator for level measurement in bulk storage tanks

6700 Liquid Level Indicator

The 6700 Liquid Level Indicator (LLI) is an economical, easy to install measurement device utilizing atarget and gauge board to indicate tank level. The indicator displays liquid level (product innage) to an accuracy of 1" (25 mm). Designed for use on a variety of atmospheric and low-pressure storage vessels, the 6700 may be installed on both in-service and out-of-service tanks.

Spot temperature Measurment Optional 40-240 VAC power supply PCB includes four (4) output contacts and an additional two (2) discrete inputs Simple connector board - no messy wire connectors 3-wire temperature input (PT100, Cu90, Cu100) for volume calculations and two (2) discrete inputs for mechanical level switches Upgrade provisions for additional or future software and communications functions Precision direct-drive stainless steel gearing eliminates the problems associated with Geneva gears Infrared optical sensors not affected by direct sunlight Absolute encoder - maintains correct level reading even after a power outage - no battery required On-board galvanically-isolated power circuit (20-65 DC) and optically-isolated communications Rotary switches allow you to configure the transmitter without a handheld device Single electronics assembly snaps in and locks down for easy retrofit Dual-encoder discs with reflective gold plating and reference tracks ensure an accurate level reading

Changes in the liquid level of the tank raise or lower the float, which moves the indicator cable. Cable movement drives the indicator up and down the gauge board on the side of the tank. The liquid level in feet and inches or
meters and decimeters is shown by the indicator position on the gauge board. The user may then convert the liquid level to units of volume. This may be
accomplished manually or by using inventory management software, such as FuelsManager®.

Product Options and Accessories


  • Severe service kit
  • Stainless steel kit


  • English (6...97 ft) or metric (2...23 m)

Manway & inspection covers

  • 228 Welded inspection cover - 19.75” x 10”
  • 226 20” Cover - API 650 drilling
  • 226 24” Cover - API 650 drilling

Oil Seals

  • 135° Aluminum elbows 8.5” W.C. working pressure (Delrin sheave)
  • 135° Cast iron elbows 8.5” W.C. working pressure (SS sheave)
  • 180° Aluminum elbows 27” W.C. working pressure (Delrin sheave)


  • Magnetic Limit Sensors
  • Drive elbow modification kit - English or metric (Including drive elbow, tape/cable)
  • Extension bracket kit
  • Reinforcing bracket
  • Float fastener 316 SS (snap type)