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4590 Tank Side Monitor - Operate and monitor inventory control and custody transfer approved radar tank gauges from the tank side

4590 Tank Side Monitor

The 4590 Tank-Side Monitor (TSM) is a field device for the integration of tank sensors into tank gauging and inventory management systems. It is utilized in tank farms, terminals and refineries. It can be used in connection with Varec radar tank gauges for inventory control and high accuracy applications.

Spot temperature Measurment Optional 40-240 VAC power supply PCB includes four (4) output contacts and an additional two (2) discrete inputs Simple connector board - no messy wire connectors 3-wire temperature input (PT100, Cu90, Cu100) for volume calculations and two (2) discrete inputs for mechanical level switches Upgrade provisions for additional or future software and communications functions Precision direct-drive stainless steel gearing eliminates the problems associated with Geneva gears Infrared optical sensors not affected by direct sunlight Absolute encoder - maintains correct level reading even after a power outage - no battery required On-board galvanically-isolated power circuit (20-65 DC) and optically-isolated communications Rotary switches allow you to configure the transmitter without a handheld device Single electronics assembly snaps in and locks down for easy retrofit Dual-encoder discs with reflective gold plating and reference tracks ensure an accurate level reading

Overfill Protection

The 4590 TSM can be configured and used as part of an overfill protection system in conjunction with the approved WHG operating mode of the Varec 7500 RTG’s radar devices (as described in the TÜV test certificate for the 7500 RTG’s WHG operating mode).

Product Options


Field communication protocols

  • ENRAF BPM, non-IS 4-20mA input, non-IS 4-20mA HART master output
  • GPE, non-IS 4...20mA output
  • WM550, non-IS 4...20mA output, Whessoe protocol with dual communication
  • Mark/Space, non-IS 4-20mA input + output, Varec Mark/Space protocol
  • MODBUS®, non-IS 4...20mA in- and output, EIA 485
  • L&J, non-IS 4-20mA input + output
  • V1, non-IS 4...20mA output, non-IS 4...20mA HART output, relay output

Power supply

  • 18...55V AC/DC
  • 55...264V AC

Spot RTD option

  • Without RTD temperature input
  • With spot RTD temperature input, IS

Digital Modules (x2)

  • Input 90...140 VAC
  • Input 3...32 VDC
  • Input 180...264 VAC
  • Input 35...60V AC/DC
  • Output 24...264 VAC
  • Output 3...60 VDC
  • Output 24...140 VAC
  • Output 4...200 VDC
  • Relay 0...100 VDC, 0...120 VAC

Additional intrinsically safe module

  • Input 4-20mA + 2x input digital

Glands/Entries - non IS (x2 or x3 EX d entries)

  • G 1/2"
  • M20x1.5
  • 1/2" NPT
  • 3/4" NPT

Gland/Entry - IS

  • M25x1.5, 13...18mm
  • G 1/2"
  • 1/2" NPT
  • 3/4" NPT