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4560 SGM - Display tank gauging data and operate the 6000 Servo Tank Gauge from the tank side

4560 Servo Gauge Monitor

The 4560 Servo Gauge Monitor (SGM) communicates as a slave device to a 6005 Servo Tank Gauge (STG) at the tank side, using a two-wire Hart® local bus. It provides indication of measured level, temperature data and operating status and can send operating commands to the 6005 STG. A two-line, illuminated Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with touch control is used to operate and select data. Mounted within a flameproof enclosure, touch control ensures safe operation even in hazardous areas.

Spot temperature Measurment Optional 40-240 VAC power supply PCB includes four (4) output contacts and an additional two (2) discrete inputs Simple connector board - no messy wire connectors 3-wire temperature input (PT100, Cu90, Cu100) for volume calculations and two (2) discrete inputs for mechanical level switches Upgrade provisions for additional or future software and communications functions Precision direct-drive stainless steel gearing eliminates the problems associated with Geneva gears Infrared optical sensors not affected by direct sunlight Absolute encoder - maintains correct level reading even after a power outage - no battery required On-board galvanically-isolated power circuit (20-65 DC) and optically-isolated communications Rotary switches allow you to configure the transmitter without a handheld device Single electronics assembly snaps in and locks down for easy retrofit Dual-encoder discs with reflective gold plating and reference tracks ensure an accurate level reading

Servo Gauge Integration

The 4560 SGM offers additional functionality to the field operator when used with the 6005 STG and 4532 ATC or 4539 ATC. Ooperation and display commands can be accessed at the 4560 SGM to achieve:

Note! * The 4560 SGM displays level and temperature data as well as gauge status and displacer status.

Product Options

Protection class

Cable entry

  • NPT 1/2", Pg16 or M20

Power supply

  • 85...264 VDC, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA
  • 20...62 VDC, 25W / 20...55 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA


  • Optional mounting bracket