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4532 ATC Intrinsically safe temperature measurement for inventory control and custody transfer applications

4532 Average Temperature Sensor and Converter

The 4532 Average Temperature Sensor and Converter (ATC) is a multi element (Pt100) resistance device designed to measure the average product temperature in bulk liquid storage tanks. The measured value is converted into a HART® compatible output for use in temperature compensated volumetric calculations.

The 4532 ATC contains up to 6 temperature elements, spaced at 2 or 3 meter intervals along the length of the probe. Power and local HART communications are provided over a 2-wire, intrinsically safe (i.s.) connection from compatible instruments, such as the Varec 6000 Series Servo Tank Gauge (STG), 7500 Series Radar Tank Gauges (RTG), 4560 Servo Gauge Monitor (SGM) and the 4590 Tank Side Monitor (TSM).

Spot temperature Measurment Optional 40-240 VAC power supply PCB includes four (4) output contacts and an additional two (2) discrete inputs Simple connector board - no messy wire connectors 3-wire temperature input (PT100, Cu90, Cu100) for volume calculations and two (2) discrete inputs for mechanical level switches Upgrade provisions for additional or future software and communications functions Precision direct-drive stainless steel gearing eliminates the problems associated with Geneva gears Infrared optical sensors not affected by direct sunlight Absolute encoder - maintains correct level reading even after a power outage - no battery required On-board galvanically-isolated power circuit (20-65 DC) and optically-isolated communications Rotary switches allow you to configure the transmitter without a handheld device Single electronics assembly snaps in and locks down for easy retrofit Dual-encoder discs with reflective gold plating and reference tracks ensure an accurate level reading

The 4532 ATC is installed vertically onto spheres, bullets, cone, dome or floating roof tanks. An anchor weight can be connected to the end of the element to minimize movement even in the most turbulent conditions.

Average Temperature Calculation

Both liquid and gas average calculations are performed based on level input from the host gauge. In order to provide sufficient averaging data, the 4532/9 Series ATC considers appropriate elements, positioning 300 mm (11.8") below (for liquid average) or above (for gas average) liquid surface, to be a factor of precise average temperature calculation (default setting).

Product Options


Cable entry

  • NPT 1/2
  • M20

Process connection (SUS304)

  • 2" 150lbs RF, 304 flange ANSI B16.5
  • DN50 PN0 B1, 304 flange EN1092-1 (DIN2527 C)

Element #, interval, probe range (Below flange to end of probe)

  • 2...6 Pt100
  • 2 m or 3 m spacing
  • 2,500...18,500 mm probe range

Mounting attachment

  • Anchor weight (Tall profile)
  • Anchor weight (Short profile)
  • Tensioning wire + top anchor