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2900 Float & Tape Transmitter - Transmit level and temperature data from the tank side to the control room

2900 Float & Tape Transmitter

The 2900 Float & Tape Transmitter (FTT) is a precision, digital instrument designed to mount directly to most manufacturers' mechanical tank gauges. The 2900 FTT utilizes an absolute optical encoder to accurately convert and encode the mechanical level measurement from the connected tank gauge. It then transmits level and temperature data - via industry standard communications - to the control room for use in inventory management volumetric calculations. The 2900 FTT is also able to integrate a spot temperature sensor and provide cam-operated switches for the indication of alarms or relays to prevent overfills.

Spot temperature Measurment Optional 40-240 VAC power supply PCB includes four (4) output contacts and an additional two (2) discrete inputs Simple connector board - no messy wire connectors 3-wire temperature input (PT100, Cu90, Cu100) for volume calculations and two (2) discrete inputs for mechanical level switches Upgrade provisions for additional or future software and communications functions Precision direct-drive stainless steel gearing eliminates the problems associated with Geneva gears Infrared optical sensors not affected by direct sunlight Absolute encoder - maintains correct level reading even after a power outage - no battery required On-board galvanically-isolated power circuit (20-65 DC) and optically-isolated communications Rotary switches allow you to configure the transmitter without a handheld device Single electronics assembly snaps in and locks down for easy retrofit Dual-encoder discs with reflective gold plating and reference tracks ensure an accurate level reading

Simple Retrofit

The universal mounting allows direct replacement of Varec 1800/1900, L&J 2000 or GSI 2000/2400 transmitters. When replacing other third-party devices, an optional adaptor is available. When replacing an existing transmitter, you may be able to utilize the existing power, communications conduit and junction boxes.

Electronics Upgrade

You are also able to keep your existing Varec 1900 housing and maintain your safety approval. A complete 2900 FTT electronics assembly includes the encoder and printed circuit board (PCB), which can be snapped in, screwed down and ready to configure in less than 5 minutes.

First Steps to Automation and Control

The 2900 FTT also provides the first steps to automation and control. It can activate alarms or relays using discrete inputs, SPDT cam-operated outputs and software-driven contact outputs.

Easy Configuration

Many transmitters on the market today require the additional use of a handheld device for configuration or set up; the 2900 FTT does not require a handheld device. Each parameter, such as communications, baud rate, unit address, etc. is easily configured using rotary switches on the main PCB.

No Re-calibration Required

There is no re-calibration required after a power outage as the absolute encoder continues to track the correct level. The galvanically-isolated power supply and optically-isolated communications means one transmitter will not ‘take down’ the entire tank gauging field bus loop. If advanced configuration and diagnostics are required, the technician is able to connect a laptop to the transmitter via the serial port (RS-232) on the main PCB.

Trouble-free Service Life

At Varec, we believe preventive maintenance is key to ensuring continued operation of any instrument. However, the precision components and quality of manufacture means the 2900 FTT requires almost no maintenance and reduces the number of times your technicians are out in the field. Optical sensors means no brushes or contacts that wear out. The IP65/NEMA 4 approved housing will keep moisture and dirt from attacking the electronics for many years.

The 2900 FTT direct gearing is made from high-grade stainless steel components that will provide a smooth, precise and trouble-free service life. The primary absolute encoder utilizes gold-plated, reflective optical discs with reference tracks to provide self-calibration and an accuracy check of every measurement. This combination of quality components and innovation is not available in any other transmitter on the market today.

Product Options


  • No housing required (electronics upgrade only)
  • Housing included (complete unit)

Power Input

  • 20 - 65 VDC (includes 2 additional discrete inputs & 4 output contacts)
  • 40 - 240 VAC


  • Mark/Space
  • Tankway (L&J)


  • No additional inputs/outputs
  • Two (2) additional discrete inputs and four (4) output contacts - AC powered transmitter
  • Two (2) additional discrete inputs and four (4) output contacts - DC powered transmitter

Limit Switches

  • No additional limit switches
  • Two (2) SPDT - Normally open limit switches
  • Four (4) SPDT - Normally open limit switches