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2500 ATG - Continuous liquid level measurement for bulk storage applications

2500 Automatic Tank Gauge

Control Readers Award for Inventory Grade Level GaugesThe 2500 series of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG) are mechanically operated, float and tape instruments designed to provide continuous liquid level measurement in bulk storage applications. These simple and reliable instruments have been used for inventory management in the oil and gas industry for more than 60 years.

Float and Tape Tank Gauging

The measured level is displayed using a dial and counter built into the gaugehead. The 2500 ATG has many product options that allow it to be installed on the tank roof or at the tank side (at grade), which would facilitate ground level reading by the operator. If electronic transmission of level data or temperature measurement integration is required in the control room, then the gauge can be fitted with an optional tank gauging transmitter. All 2500 ATG options are ATEX Approved: II 1 G, Ta=-40°C to 85°C.

Spot temperature Measurment

Tank Gauging System Integration

A range of analog and digital tank gauge transmitters is available that mounts directly to float and tape tank gauges. Level measurement data is encoded by the transmitter and output via industry standard communications to the control room. Some transmitters also offer spot temperature measurement integration that can be used for inventory control applications. When a tank gauge transmitter is used, communications and power are required at the gaugehead. Varec transmitters do not require an adapted flange. When connecting third party equipment, a specific adaptor flange, depending on the transmitter, is often required.

Product Options

Gaugehead Materials

  • Aluminum or iron

Units of Measurement

  • English, metric, decimal or fractional


Service Kits

  • Standard, moderate or extreme for aggressive product applications

Installation Kits

  • Cone roof tank with or without a pan or floatwell
  • Floating roof tank with or without a floatwell
  • Tank top
  • Bolted tank
  • Interface and stilling well