• Industry
    Touch Screen
    Tank Gauging
    2920 FTT - Accuracy, repeatability and reliability.
    Configuration is a breeze, and your inventory
    information is right at the tank side.
    2920 Float and Tape Transmitter
  • FODD
    The New Line
    of Radar Tank Gauges
    Varec FMR Radar Tank Gauge
    Improving the level of accuracy
    for inventory management
    of bulk liquids
  • Laser Pin Point FOD
    Varec Float & Tape Tank Gauges
    The simplest methods are often
    those that we trust the most...
  • Tank Gauging
    No Guessing
    Highly Accurate
    Varec Servo Tank Gauge
    Varec's servo tank gauging system takes
    actual physical measurements from
    inside the liquid - Accurate to ±0.7 mm

Tank gauging and inventory management for marketing terminals, bulk storage facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, airports and military bases. View our Products here.

Complete Tank Gauging Systems

Varec is renowned for tank gauging at tank farms, terminals, refineries and chemical plants. Today, we offer all major measurement technologies for tank storage monitoring and inventory management applications.

Varec Tank Gauging

Recommended Solutions

| Float & Tape | Radar | Servo | Transmitters | Hybrid | Hydrostatic | Temperature |

Varec in the Supply Chain

Simply Powerful

Varec provides a simple approach to terminal automation - one supplier, one system, one source for technical assistance. We simplify support and lower the cost of ownership, while improving the efficiency and performance of your operations. We do this and more for our customers across the oil and gas supply chain. Visit for more information.

Beyond Tank Gauging

FuelsManager provides unparalleled automation and management for all crude, refined product, LPG, chemical, fertilizer and asphalt facilities. Functionality includes tank storage monitoring and control, facility access control, security, truck rack loading/unloading, order entry, transaction management, daily inventory reconciliation and accounting. Visit for more information.

FuelsManager Workstation

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StocExpo returns to Ahoy. One of the world's leading international events for the tank terminal industry offers three days of business opportunities, networking and knowledge sharing. Visit StocExpo

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